What is Wanderlust?

Wanderlust is the travelers personal guide, being built to work with both Android and IOS devices. Use your travel destination to get curated local landmarks, recommended restaurants and various other attractions such as recommended hostels/hotels.


View detinations before you leave, while on the plane or once you get there. Plan your trip based on other users ratings and pictures.



Use local travel guides and users suggestions on where to visit, helping you stay away from tourist traps.



All content is user-generated, view and discover what it is really like. Including admission prices, opening times and what to wear.

Created By

Computing Student

Mainly involved in the production of content for the service, along with managing and assisting in development and social media activities.

Information Systems Student

Works alongside the team in curating content for both the application and the media channels. Alongside assisting in the development of the application if required.

ICT Student

With a main focus on development of the application, James is responsible for core prototype development and website management.

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